All our inflatable items obtained a safety certificate, issued by IMQ, an Italian Certification Institute which tested our items following the D.M. 18/05/2007 directions, art.4.
All our items fulfil EN14960:2007 European Safety Standards, they are all made with:
• tested and certified materials
• digital printing
• tested as wind resistent
• tested as flame retardant
• they come with a “Use and Maintainance Manual” and a Logbook as required by the D.M. 18/05/2007
Quality certified according to the current regulations DM May 18, 2007 and complies with European safety standards EN 14960 and so perfect for the safety of each child. Product with extremely professional and very durable, accompanied by the best engines on the market.
The inflatable structure requires little maintenance, it cleans easily and decorations will not fade over time, is to store and use because of the design features well-researched even in the smallest details. Stairs and glides are replaceable so even after years of hard work, we can regenerate the game as replacing new parts as required by the customer.
All the anchors are tested according to standard EN 14960 as to withstand high stresses and arranged on all four sides of the base and along the whole perimeter on top of the upper platform for maximum safety of users. All upper platforms are closed by an anticlimbing net, robust protection for maximum safety and overshadow the underlying zone. The seams are double and always made a thread certificate is used particularly resistant.
Our artwork is digitally printed, we use the latest printing technology. Once printed the artwork is coated with a protective lacquer, that is clear, water proof and hard wearing, ensuring additional protection to your artwork.